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Labiaplasty is a reshaping surgery of the female external genitalia that allows the labia minora to be restored to its natural size and appearance.

It is a minor surgery since it is an outpatient process in which local anesthesia is applied. The intervention lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

This operation of the genital lips corrects morphological or appearance alterations of the area without altering its functionality, by applying different techniques appropriate to each patient and the type of malformation suffered. When the labia minora are excessively large, they present an irregular and abnormal shape. Then a reduction and correction of them is carried out.


On the other hand, labiaplasty also allows to increase and reshape the labia majora through the application of hyaluronic acid infiltrations or fatty tissue fillers.

The recovery time after the intervention depends on how the surgical process develops. As it is an outpatient operation, the patient goes home after the intervention and it is not necessary to stay in the hospital. In some special cases, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for two or three days, to avoid infections and for the tissues to stabilize without suffering any injury.

It is advisable to rest for the next 24 or 48 hours. The inflammation will go down and the stitches will fall off naturally. Returning to work depends on each person, although it is usual to return to work after a week. Specialists advise not to have sexual intercourse before four or five weeks.

** Refers to a group of procedures. In the case of the external genital area, the treatments seek to improve the appearance, with the intention of achieving a more youthful appearance.

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