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Bichectomy is a safe procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. Bichat fat is constitutional, we always have it, it is not determined by the diet we eat. Therefore, by removing bichat fat, it does not reappear even if we gain weight. That is why they are definitive results.

However, if we gain weight, the subcutaneous fat increases, so the result of a bichectomy is affected since we would have a slightly rounder face.

In general, the complications of bichectomy are minimal and recovery is fairly rapid. This surgery lasts an average of half an hour and the initial recovery is one week. The technique used by Dr. Macia Colon does not require stitches and does not leave scars.

Bichectomy is a simple procedure. First, the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth to later locate the malar fat pockets (Bichat pockets). These bags are gently removed. With the removal of these bags, the face is outlined and the cheekbones area is marked.

Cervical fat aspiration or lipo is the perfect treatment to eliminate double chin and achieve a more harmonious face. This cervical fat aspiration procedure tries to improve the shape of the neck by removing fat deposits with a vacuum or suction system.

Anesthesia during cervical fat aspiration

Using local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, we can remove the excess fat that forms the cervical jowl. The duration of the intervention is approximately one hour.

Recovery and postoperative period of double chin operation

After the cervical fat aspiration and suction procedure, the pain is relatively minor, and most find that they can return to work in 1-5 days, depending more on bruising or discomfort. For a few days it is necessary to wear a compression bandage around the neck and head. We normally recommend this bandage for 3 days overnight.

You will have 1-3 incisions, each of which is hidden and the scar is invisible.

Some people do not bruise, while others may bruise for 1-2 weeks. Most present them for 3-7 days after the intervention.

Combined surgical procedure to reverse visible aging of the face and neck; achieving a younger and more natural appearance.

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