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Chin Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to restore facial harmony when the chin is too small for the face (microgenia).


Depending on the objective of the intervention, the most appropriate technique is applied for each patient. If it is required to correct the shape of the chin or give it a more defined and harmonious appearance, the implantation of a chin prosthesis, the infiltration of the patient's own fatty tissue or the advancement of a part of the jaw bone is used. If the deformity of the chin is very pronounced, it will be necessary to perform a sanding or a section of the bone ( osteotomy ) through an incision inside the mouth.

The technique may take a few hours but, in general, the mentoplasty proceeds quite quickly. Chin surgery is a safe procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and achieves definitive results.

In most cases it is an outpatient operation where the patient can return home the same day. However, depending on the case, the patient may need a brief hospitalization.

The alternatives to chin surgery are essentially the following two:

  • Fat injections: the specialist injects fat under the chin, in the chin area, filling the skin. This procedure is limited to simple cases with slight disproportions in chin size. Results are not final and injections must be repeated as fat is absorbed by the body.

  • Liposucció n in the face: this technique can be performed in conjunction with the mentoplastia. The adipose tissue that is under the chin is removed to make this fold or look more prominent.

Combined surgical procedure to reverse visible aging of the face and neck; achieving a younger and more natural appearance.

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